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We are a web design agency with several specialisms, one of them being sustainable travel solutions.

Travel Surveys

In order to create an effective Travel Plan one must first collect the relevant data, from the relevant people.  This can be a time consuming, complicated process that, if not done well, can mean the Travel Plan will be based on incorrect or incomplete information.

One of the major barriers to obtaining the correct information is getting all members of staff to supply their travel arrangements.

We can help plan and conduct your travel surveys.  And then effectively interpret the data for you.

Travel Plans

Travel plans are required when submitting planning applications.  However, many organisations are now putting them in place voluntarily.  There are many benefits to a travel plan, largely financial and environmental.

They can also help promote staff well-being, and foster loyalty from customers with environmental concerns.

Having effectively conducted your travel survey, we can then create your Travel Plan for you.  Or create one based on your own travel survey data.

We can also supply you with postcode plotting maps. These give you a graphic view of where your employees travel from to get to work. These are incredibly useful in developing your sustainable travel systems.

For example, if everyone lives within a mile of work, you would concentrate on walking and cycling to work. If everyone lives over 20 miles away your focus would be on car sharing and using public transport.

Custom Tools

This is where the ‘magic’ happens. We supply you with online tools for sustainable travel implementation and continued operation. 

These tools can facilitate a four-pronged approach to sustainable travel success:

  1. Engage with staff to encourage behavioural change
  2. Gather accurate, relevant and ongoing data
  3. Measure the modal shifts
  4. Enable incentive schemes

We offer five solutions:

1. Travel Registration & Companions System

This enables your staff to register their method of travel. It can also ask them other relevant questions such as, which site they work at if you are a multi site organisation.

The information can then be downloaded to a CSV file so you can analyse the data and to monitor changes.

The companion system side of things allows your staff to sign up and find other staff to travel with. This can obviously be car sharing, but can also be a cycling group for example.

A great benefit of this system is that staff know they will be matching with people from their own organisation. They also have options to search for their preferred type of people they will travel with.

And, as with the registration system you are able to monitor uptake and modal shifts.

2. Travel Registration System

Having the registration features as above, this system is ideal if you only need to record and monitor how staff travel.

3. Travel Companions System

With the travel companion features as above, this system is ideal if you only want to offer your employees a way of finding travel partners from within your organisation only.

4. Information Only Site

This option does not allow you to collect any information from staff. However it allows you promote sustainable travel to them. This tends to suit smaller organisations where you want to improve staff travel, but have not got enough people to require full-scale monitoring.

5. Custom

The above options are all based on templated designs that we customise to suit the organisation’s branding.

Our custom option includes the full Travel Registration & Companions System, but with a completely custom design created just for your organisation.

Gathering travel information from staff can involve the collection of personal data. To this end we ensure the online tools are covered by robust security methods. Additionally, they are covered by our comprehensive ‘Information Security Policy’.

As well as other strict policies we adhere to, our staff are DBS checked and we are heavily insured for cyber crimes.

Secure Remote Working Solutions

We are currently developing a range of remote working solutions. Ways to allow your staff to work away from the office, without compromising on productivity, accountability and company data security.


We work very closely with a Sustainable Travel expert consultant.  We are therefore able to offer an affordable, ongoing consultancy service.

The service is particularly effective, in part because a business is more likely to respond to and act on guidance from a specialist consultant.

Moreover, frequent contact with the consultant enables the business to see when there are good results, which further motivates them to act and improve.

The consultancy service includes:

  • provision of an annual travel plan
  • a deliverable action plan that will produce modal shifts
  • monitoring and advice to ensure the action plan is completed
  • practical help with devising incentive schemes, poster/email campaigns, with staff workshops if needed
  • solutions that are proven to increase the uptake of sustainable travel
  • year one will contain a travel survey both at the start and end of the year, thereafter an annual survey, to produce accurate modal shifts reports


Your sustainable travel project comes with plenty of features and functionality as standard. However, we know that every organisation is totally unique, even if everyone has the same goals.

So, rather than bundle everything into our packages, and thereby increasing the package prices, we felt it best for you to be able to select from our Extras Shop the Extras your organisation would need.

We are happy to advise you if you are not sure what Extras might enhance your project. Having said that we know that these may be of interest to you:

Business Printing

Getting the message across to staff requires a several-pronged approach, including non-digital media. From high quality flyers and leaflets to posters, flags, branded gazebos and much more, you name it, we can supply it for you.

  • Additionally, as a client you will receive:
  • use of our Business Print UK printing shop
  • a generous discount on all products
  • occasional additional discount codes
  • free artwork*
  • encouragement to request new products

*Terms & Conditions apply

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