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Asking Yourself

How does one implement Sustainable Travel?

The best solution is of course to work from home, but not everyone is able to take advantage of this option.

Therefore, as an organisation there is an ever increasing responsibility to consider the environment in relation to operating activities.

A large part of this is going to be getting staff to travel sustainably.  This in turn minimises the organisation’s impact on its location, through less traffic congestion, parking problems, less emissions etc.

To do this, firstly behavioural change should be encouraged and delivered.  This in turn minimises the organisation’s impact on its local surroundings, through creating less traffic congestion.  This in turn creates cleaner air.

Encouraging staff to reconsider how they travel will lead to a fitter and healthier lifestyle for the employee, whilst reducing parking demand on the employer.

The positive effects far outweigh the effort, and we can make it even easier.

Question 1

Do you know how to prepare and conduct a Travel Survey, and what essential data needs to be collected?

Question 2

Do you know how to prepare and maintain a business Travel Plan, and ideally cultivate it as an evolving document resource?

Question 3

Do you have the in-house time, resources and knowledge to carry out the essential sustainable travel operations?

Question 4

Do you know how to prepare and share effective communications with your staff about sustainable travel?

Question 5

Do you know how to get existing staff to ‘buy into’ sustainable travel, and maintain the paradigm shift with new staff?

Question 6

Do you know how and what travel data to gather from staff, and then using the data to prove modal shifts?

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